The culinary master, Chef in many restaurants, winner of prestigious competitions, trainer, consultant and menu planner, and above all crazy culinary artist who destroys stereotypes linked to common rules and ingredients, offering memorable compositions of unique tastes and flavors.

In my career I am deeply connected with town of Łodz, where I completed cooking school and took some jobs, shortly promoted for chief. Lodz posses specific climate which fascinated me with its mix of cultures and thus variety of flavors. This motivated and inspired me in constant search of new styles. I left Łodz for couple of years, traveling Europe, finding new experiences in restaurants.

Working as a chef at reputable restaurants, among which: La Casino in France, the Hotel Din Rin in Ireland and the Priory in the UK I had a chance to cope with international culinary authorities learning new approaches to cooking.

My cooking style however was most influenced by french cousine and its masters : Haute Cuisine - brothers Michele and Sebastian Bras. After returning to Poland Dariusz I combined elements of traditional Polish, European and Asian kitchens, creating a unique style, adding elements of fusion and moleculars.

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